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Company ISO 9001:2000

For Leth Suez Transit quality means satisfying the customerís requirements and expectations. Certification of our quality system contributes to reaching these objectives. ISO 9001:2000 is a set of international standards with requirements to some of the components of a companyís management system that affect quality. This standard has received widespread international recognition.

A certificate will increase the customerís confidence that the company will deliver products and services as agreed. Furthermore, the certificate will reduce the need felt by the companyís customers to undertake their own audits. Equally important is the fact that the certification enhances and visualises the quality assurance and improvement processes, processes which otherwise may be a bit vague for many of those involved.

Leth Suez Transit has implemented procedures for all processes involved, from nomination to delivery of the D/Aís.

Now when our quality assurance system is fully implemented, we believe that our customers will experience improved effectiveness and increased customer satisfaction. Quality assurance shall pay off. The added value acquired through certification does not rest only in the certificate itself, but also in the improvements Leth Suez Transit undergoes to get there. Thus, this certification is a step towards Leth Suez Transitís total quality management.